Friday, January 21, 2011

The anticipation of spring...

It is right about now that I start getting restless. I long to be back outside enjoying the fresh air, getting my hands in the cool dirt, planting flowers, and smelling the roses! I do enjoy a break though from gardening but I can only take so many months of seeing brown! Yuck! Oh the green leaves and grass, the beautiful colors of the garden...not to mention being able to go outside without a jacket. I have had my break and now I'm ready to get back outside and garden. I know I am not alone. Even my chickens long for spring! My 8 "girls" love to eat grass and hunt for big juicy bugs. I usually let them out of their spacious run everyday for a time to do what chickens love to do. Oh I still let them out but it's not as much fun as there is no green grass to eat and hardly a bug to be found.

It is this time of the year all those garden and seed catalogs start coming in the mail too. That just makes it worse! You poor over them again and again. You start thinking of the vegetable seeds you want to try this year, or the new roses you want to add. You start designing new beds or layout of your garden. The wheels are turning! Spring is still a ways away, though lucky for us living in the south east spring isn't as far away as it is for some folks. That brings some comfort but not much. I know for me I look out my window imagining what it will look like in spring. Unfortunately, we can't make it come any faster. All we can do it wait and plan in the mean time. Which isn't so bad after all, because once spring does get here it is a mad rush to get everything done before our hot humid summers kick in. So as hard as it may be, enjoy the break, use the time you are stuck indoors to get things done inside that need to be done or you would like done. For me that entails painting. It has been 5 years this May and I still haven't painted my sons room or mine for that matter. As for the chickens well they don't garden and they don't have to paint the inside of their coop. So they have no choice but to wait it out. So I'll give them some extra scratch, (which for a chicken is like candy) and I'll still let them out now and then to still try to hunt for a bug or two. Other than that they will wait just as I have too.

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