Monday, May 23, 2011

Some pictures from around the yard

What a difference a little time makes.

'Happy Returns' Daylily

This is my driveway bed. The roses are not blooming as I have had a thripe infestation and deaheaded all the roses and buds. Upfront is 'Lamarque' with some daylilies that I forgot the name of. The rose to the left of that is 'Dutcher' with Mealy Cup Sage in front.
Taken several weeks back, we have Climbing Pinkie in the corner and Blush Noisette up front.
Close up of Cl. Pinkies flowers, I love how they change color!
Foxgloves I grew from seed. I just love them!
Foxgloves with Belinda's Dream behind it and behind that is The Charlestonian

'The Charlestonian'

This rose is a favorite of mine, wonderful strong fragrance, vigerous climber, excellent disease resistance.
Mealy Cup Sage, also known as Blue Salvia.

Mealy Cup Sage is a wonderful plant and makes an excellent border plant. It is grown as an annual in some parts of the country but here in my zone 8 garden in over winters just fine and returns year after year. It blooms all summer and is attractive to bees. It likes sun to part shade. A very easy to grow plant!
Close up
Nepta 'Walkers Low', I use this everywhere in the garden, love it!
Clematis 'Franziska Maria' this and the other clematis are new for me, this is there second year. This is pruning type 2. Big blue-purple beautiful flowers around 4-6" across. Blooms June-September and grows 5-7'. I have it growing up 'Sombrueil'.
Hollyhocks, sadly this year they are not doing good at all. The rust this year has been really bad! Not sure why. I plan to rip these out and start all over with new plants. Sad because the Hollyhocks are my favorite old fashion cottage garden plant.
That's it for now!


  1. Everything looks so good! I love foxglove and hollyhocks too.

  2. What an incredible garden! I don't grow foxglove, as I heard it was poisonous to pets. Love yours though -

  3. Oh my gosh! Your flowers are beautiful! I love the foxgloves - I've never grown them. Also love your clematis!

  4. Very pretty. Love the purples. And the foxgloves!! Oh, what striking beauties they are!

  5. New to your it! what a gorgeous garden you have! The Clematis are stunning and I now want to go plant some foxgloves...beautiful!! Excited to follow your garden adventures =)

  6. Yes, time makes all the difference. How beautiful your garden is. Love your clematis 'Franziska Maria', wonderful color, and your dianthus, my favorite. Your driveway bed will be magnificent when it gets mature. Everything is gorgeous and well done.