Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Roses...the stars of my garden

Roses I must say are my favorite garden plant.

Of all the roses in my garden the Noisettes and the Knockouts are my favorite. I want a garden full of them! They never quit blooming and are by far the healthiest of all my roses. The scent from all my Noisettes are so strong and sweet and just simply wonderful!! They fill my garden with such delightful smells and draw me to them to bury my nose in their blooms. The Noisettes and Knockouts are by far the fastest growing roses I have ever seen! Today I have Noisettes, Knockouts, and Hybrid Musk and despite the thripes they still  shine.


~Alister Stella Gray~

~Buff Beauty~

~The Pink Knockout~

Heavy rains expected today and this weekend so I don't know how they will hold up after the rain but I am certainly enjoying them in the mean time. The Charlestonian, Climbing Pinkie, and Blush Noisette are about to start their flush so stay tuned hopefully to their spring debut!


  1. Looking good. That lamarque is really compelling. I agree with you that the noisettes, and the hybrid musks are about as simple as they get here for this climate.

  2. So so beautiful!! I bought a Happy Chappy ground cover rose to plant at the base of my Graham Thomas climbing rose. I hope when my roses bloom soon they are as lovely as yours. :o)