Thursday, February 10, 2011 of God's best fertilizers

It always amazes me how a good rain brings life to a garden. Watering from a hose just does not give you the same results. I went outside the other day after a couple days of steady rain to stroll the garden. I was thrilled to finally see some green! Yay! It may still only be February but signs of spring have arrived! The grass is greening...which also means weeds are sprouting...seedlings of larkspur are popping up...roses are starting to leaf out! I mean it wasn't there before the rain, the rain brought it about. In the summer I can water and water and all it does it keep everything alive but a good rain can bring about a new rose cane at least a foot long just overnight!  It is about this time when I start regularly making rounds about the garden beds checking for new signs of life. I gently lift up the pine straw mulch and see what new seedling have emerged or what plants have made it for another year. I stand and stare at the yard planning in my head what I would like to plant and where. I really think my neighbors must think I'm nuts! I can hear them talking to their spouse saying,"There she goes again walking around the yard lifting mulch and then just standing there staring. What on earth is she doing?" Ha! That's ok, I know I'm not nuts...well maybe just a little! Went to Home Depot to get paint to finally do those "indoor" projects I talked about before since I still can't do a whole lot of "outdoor" projects. Well before I make it in the door my heart starts skipping a beat! Flowers!! If my ground wasn't so wet I would have bought a flat of pansies...darn that wet ground! So I got the paint and painted my sons room FINALLY! He's happy and I'm happy to finally get it done. It is almost time to get my hands dirty once again...

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