Monday, February 28, 2011

Want to know just how noisy hens can get sometimes?

For the most part hens are very quiet and make a low sweet contented cluck cluck. They also make a sort of song (or noise depending on how you look at it, lol) when they have laid an egg, though I have seen them make this same song if you will even when they haven't laid an egg. When they see you coming with food they often "talk" all excitedly about what goodies you've brought them. Some are just more vocal then others, like my Emma. But sometimes they can really and I do mean REALLY make some dreadfully loud noises. Usually one starts and others join in and it is loud! This is one reason I suggest NOT getting chickens if you are not allowed to have them. They are not quiet all the time and it only takes one upset neighbor to turn you in if they know you're not supposed to have them.
It is actually much much louder in person! I have had several of them go on like this for an hour! This time it all started with several fighting for the same next box even though I had 3 other available. Two fighting for a spot behind the door even! Crazy chickens! There are quieter breeds of which Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks are not part of. They are very vocal hens. The Easter Eggers (Amerucana mix) are pretty quiet docile hens. The one in the nest box kept getting bullied out of her box by the Emma the Barred Rock standin next to her. I love most of there noises but when they start in like this they really drive me crazy! The only way to finally shut them up after an hour of carrying on was to throw some scratch in the run and most of them flew out and happily and quietly ate it then settled down after awhile back to there peaceful and contented state and the others to lay their eggs in peace.


  1. I absolutely love your blog! I also love Summerville. I was in SC on vacation last fall and spent the day there taking pics of some of the beautiful homes. If you have time to check out my blog, you might enjoy looking at the pictures. It was in October.

    I want to plant hollyhocks this year. Do you plant seeds or plants?

  2. Thank you Sharon for your complement. As you can see I have only just started this blog this year but enjoy it. Yes, Summerville is a beautiful town especially the older part of Summerville which is where I live. I drive past all those beautiful old houses all the time (no, I don't live in one). I love Charleston too and all the history that comes with it! I plan on posting lots of pictures of Summerville when the azaleas are at peak. If you ever come to this area again you must come for the Flowertown Festival (last weekend of March first weekend of April)which unless we have a late spring freeze or late winter as we had last year) the town, houses, and old azalea park are covered in every color of azlea plus dogwoods, and wisteria all in bloom. My favorite time of year here. I also plan on taking some photos of the houses in downtown Charleston. They also display some beautiful wrought iron window boxes filled with the most beautiful display of flowers I have ever seen in a wondow box. I saw your pictures and recognize most of the houses. Wonderful pictures! That's something I have to work on. Your blog is very sweet too!

    AS to your question about hollyhocks I plant mine by seed. ;O)

  3. Oh boy... so I have that to look forward to

    I sure hope I don't end up with a roo.

  4. I didn't know chickens were that noisy! I guess maybe I won't get any though I was thinking about it. The neighbors would kill me. How cool that you posted those videos, Meghan. Very funny.

  5. Karen, Did you know that you can order a straight run of just pullets (females)? How many did you order again and where from? If you didn't order a straight run then it may not be too late to change it. Ya, you don't want a roo! My friend has 50 chickens, yes, 50! lol She has had her share of roo's and let me tell you they don't crow just in the morning but all day! Talk about noisey! lol

  6. Sherry, It is funny and thankfully they don't do that all the time but when they do..boy, is loud! That is why I wanted to record it and post it so people know they can at times be very noisy. I have heard people say they will just keep them illegally and that's fine it's their choice BUT I want to warn them that they are not always the peaceful little clucking chickens you see on tv. :O)