Monday, February 27, 2012

Drip drip Drop

Today it's a cold rainy sort of day and as I look out my window at the gently falling rain bringing life back to the garden I couldn't help myself and started singing that famous song from Bambi, you know the one. Only my daughter butted in and reminded me that this was still February and not April. She has to be so technical doesn't she and ruin my moment. Well I just went ahead and revised my song and sang away!

 Spring has definitely come early this year thanks to a very mild winter even for here and I am not complaining. Usually if we have warmer then usual winters I complain as I like it to be cold when it is supposed to be cold and vice versa...though the versa rarely happens here...but for some reason I'm not complaining this year. I have really enjoyed the warm weather sitting out on my swing taking in the warm sun with my dog Toby, the spring like breezes gently blowing. So relaxing! The only thing that would make that even more enjoyable however would be leaves, grass (green grass that is) and flowers to enjoy at the same time. The grass is really finally to come to life though those darn weeds are too but hey their green maybe I should just ignore them? No I don't think so, though they may be green they drive me INSANE insane I tell ya and I must go around the yard pulling them up! What do you do when those spring weeds start popping up? Do you just ignore them and are happy to see something with color in the yard/garden for once or are you like me death to weeds, they must go?

There is still a ways to go before I have flowers but hey at least I will have a pretty green lawn to look at while I'm waiting right?! I do have some other things popping up up right now...
A white Daylily of whom I forgot the name
New leaves emerging from one of my hydrangeas
A blurry picture of some chives from the herb garden
I also have some larkspur coming up and the yarrow is looking really nice too. Being in the south many of my plants don't die back completely they just don't look fresh if you know what I mean. Many of them are summer flowering and they are still not happy with the cool nights. But it won't be too much longer for them to wake up too.

I love's the start of a new year and like a garden you never know what that new year will bring. I don't know what a day brings forth or what tomorrow holds but I know that for me by God's grace I want to first above all do all I can for the Lord Jesus Christ and I know in him I have nothing to fear though this world wants to try to frighten me! I am also anxious to see what comes back this year in the garden, to get my hands dirty again. To smell the roses once again and take the time to enjoy them this year, something I really didn't do too much of. To begin the new addition of the sun room and enjoy the extra space and have my friends and family over more. In fact to just try to slow down in general this year, last year was too crazy too many trips, too many events, and a lot of stuff that just couldn't be helped. I don't want to waste time this year as much as possible either. There are days I seriously want to toss out every electronic device in my house! Ever feel like doing that? Time wasted with nonsense that fritters our time away that we can't get back. And here I am on the computer! *sigh*

Well enough of that, I am going to enjoy the April  February showers God has provided for today! ~God bless and have a wonderful day! 

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  1. Oh, yes, definitely - death to weeds! It has been a glorious spring, and I'm behind on my chores, but I'm not complaining, either!