Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New year and lots of changes....

Boy, it sure has been a long time since I last blogged. I had to take some time off. There was too many things going on in my life (trips, sickness, injuries, deaths, family issues, ect) this past year to even try to continue blogging never mind gardening, though I had only just begun. I am hoping this year will be a little more relaxed...I hope. I am anxious to get back to gardening.

 I still have my "girls" and they are all doing very well. My Easter Eggers have finally started to lay once again. They haven't laid since fall and I was growing a little concerned they might not lay again but I have received about 6 eggs from the two of them this past week! It is so exciting to go out and find their beautiful blue green eggs in the box.
This is Prudence one of my Easter Eggers taken last year.

 My garden has hung on despite my lack of attention to it. Right now it is still flowerless, brown and bare despite the unusually warm weather we have had all winter.  However, the roses are leafing out even the grass is FEBRUARY! Spring is going to come very early I'm afraid. I guess we will see what happens. The thing is I just read in the paper the other day that warm winters means pest explosion. Not what I want to hear! I guess I know what I will be doing all spring and summer. *sigh* Oh well I will just be glad to get back out there. I still have a plum tree and 4 roses still waiting to be planted. I am having a hard time trying to decide what to plant where. I just sit and stare hoping a great idea or plan will pop into my head but nothing yet....

 This year we are also having a sunroom built out where our large patio is. I am super excited about this for several reasons. One I will have about 300 extra sq ft to enjoy as out home is rather on the small side. Two I will have a place to try my hand at indoor plants. Three I will have lots of windows to look out at and watch the birds, my chickens, and look at my beautiful roses. Lord willing we will be able to get it done before the start of summer. I will try to post pictures of its progression or at least a before and after shot.

 We are also having our entire back and side yard enclosed with a picket fence!! Yay!! I have always wanted one and this is the year we are finally able to put one in. The main reason we are getting one is because the post and rail fence we have now does not keep unwanted kids and dogs out of our yard and we are growing tired of dealing with that. I am a little undecided though about which style to get and was hoping that if I have any followers left, that you could help me decide what to go with. I have a dog ear privacy fence along the back and wasn't sure whether I should go with a dog ear picket fence to match or the traditional style county picket fence which I love. Here are the pictures....

Country picket fence (we are also having the pergola done like this too)
dog ear picket
So if you could please help me decide I would be grateful. My mother thinks I should match the back fence but the country picket is the look I always wanted and love. Do you think it would look better to match?

God bless! Hope all my garden and chicken friends are all doing well.~Meghan

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