Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My little blue visitor...

This little guy or girl wanted in my house so bad for two weeks. These pictures were taken last year. My big indoor project last year was painting my kitchen cabinets and glazing them. The project took much longer than I was hoping but this bluebird kept me company the entire time. Everyday he or she would fly at my window repeatedly then stopping to perch on the screen as he is in the photo above.  I could stand right up to the window and take his picture and he wouldn't fly away. I don't know why he was so determined to try to get in the house. Maybe it was the colbalt blue bottle collection I have on the sill? Maybe he really liked the job I was doing on the cabinets?  Maybe it was a she and wanted to build her nest in my house?   Whatever the reason everyday I was painting cabinets and everyday this little guy was there keeping me company and driving my lab nuts at the same time!

This wasn't the only window either. He would try coming it at the front door side windows and my bedroom window even. Though the kitchen window was the one he used the most. I thought the bird had lost its crackers! He eventually left and I had a pair of bluebirds nest in the box. I don't know if it was this little fella or not because I have several pairs checking out my box at the same time but I do hope he or she found a mate and made a nest somewhere! I love bluebirds, don't you?!


  1. We had one of these at our last house!! Ours was a female, and we called her Crazy Mrs. Bluebird. During certain times of the year, she would sit at the window above our front door (two story foyer) and periodically fly up and tap the upper sash ... dozens of times a day for three years. Fly, tap, pause ... fly, tap, pause. Every spring, we hoped that she would find herself a husband, because she made our cats insane when she reappeared each spring. Fortunately, they got used to her and stopped reacting after a while. No blue bottles in our window, either.

  2. I have two bluebird houses. I wish mine were as friendly as yours!

  3. We have bluebirds at this old house too.. many! They are my favorites... your fellow must have been attracted to all that beautiful blue glass - funny!

    WE had a cardinal last year that went balistic trying to get in the house - I thought he was going to hurt himself trying.

  4. I've had several pair checking out the birdhouse this year but so far no takers. I have had a pair of chickadees chase off some bluebirds and saw them flying in and out of the bluebird house so I wonder if they are taking over it this year. I have had bluebirds nesting every year for the last 5 years and enjoy them. I think the chickadees might be the same pair that nested in another birdhouse nearby last year but that house fell apart.