Friday, March 16, 2012

The new neighbors.... of the feathery kind that is!

I have two birdhouses in my yard, a bluebird house, and a wren house. Every year I wait anxiously to see who moves into the wren house, because though it is made for wrens it attracts a number of small birds. Last year I had chickadees and I loved sitting on my patio watching the parents bring their babies food. Chickadees are one of my favorite birds. Such cheerful little birds I think!

I had some chickadees checking out the box earlier this year but I guess they found some better property somewhere else. Gee if they only held out cause soon that rose to the right, 'Sombreuil', will be blooming and boy will they be sorry!

I didn't see any Carolina Wrens checking it out though. I would love to have them as neighbors one year! I adore those cute plump little song birds. My friend had a one find it's way through a hole in the screen of their mudroom and laid eggs in her husbands shoe. Needless to say he wasn't wearing those for awhile. She took lots of pictures and they were just so cute!

As you can see Mr and Mrs Nuthatch moved in and I am so glad they did. This sweet little bird is not afraid of me and allows me to stand right in front of him (that is when I don't have my camera, it must frighten him). Mom is seen in the pictures right above coming out of the box. Dear old dad keeps constant watch too making sure she has everything she needs and making sure no unwanted guests come too close. 

They have everything they need, fresh water nearby and a constant supply of black sunflower seeds to which he just loves. I have a wicker set on my patio and what they do is take a seed and wedge it in the chair and crack it open. So funny to watch!

The bluebird house keeps busy every year. Probably the same pair as I heard they do that but who knows. All I know is they give me pleasure every year. Mr Bluebird was not cooperating with me to get his picture the stinker. But Mr Cardinal said, "You may take my picture, I don't mind", to which I replied, "Sure, thanks!"

Oh, I got my 3 azaleas planted, bought a blue Agapanthus and planted it (woohoo I can't wait for this to bloom!), gave away a big clump of black-eyed Susan's to a friend, dug up and transplanted a bunch of plants around the garden, direct sowed some seed (hope it isn't too late), planted some annuals, and fertilized most of the garden. There is still a LOT to be done and the weather has really gotten warm. I always feel a rush to get everything done in spring before the temperatures get too high. The annual Flowertown (Azalea) Festival is the last weekend of this month! It is a huge arts and crafts festival down Main St in Summerville and Azalea Park and I look forward to it ever year. Some years everything is blooming and it is just beautiful. I am hoping this year will be like that. I hope to get some good pictures to share! ~ Happy gardening!

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