Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Well it isn't the big spring flush yet, but I"ve got roses blooming!

Alister Stella Gray
I was out yesterday and noticed several roses had at least one bloom open. I got so excited, finally my roses have started to bloom! Of all the flowers in the garden it is my roses that I look forward to the most every spring. So I snapped a few pictures of those that have at least one bloom.

The top is Alister Stella Gray, next to Lamarque she is my favorite. This rose grows fast! Her scent is AMAZING! Very strong wonderful sweet scent that fills the garden. So far she is probably the healthiest of all my roses too hardly any black spot to speak of. I don't get other diseases with my roses just the black spot. I also love her color and I can't wait till the whole thing is covered in blooms!

Dutchess de Brabant
This rose had quite a few blooms on her. I'll get full bush shots later. She is always always covered in blooms throughout the year. Also a very healthy rose, and boy has she grown!

Belinda's Dream
Not fully opened but still very pretty. This rose has beautiful shaped blooms that I love to cut and bring in the house. Looking forward to a vase filled with her flowers once again.

Mrs. B R Cant

Mrs B R Cant was a rose I got on clearance and for the first 3 years she hardly did anything and was always covered in black spot. I was tempted so many times to shovel prune her but her blooms were just too pretty so every year I gave her another chance. Then BAM the 4th year she through out some big thick canes and cleaned herself up of the dreaded black spot and has been wonderful ever since! Some say this rose has a strong scent but I can't smell anything. So sad but hey her blooms are gorgeous!
Marie Pavie

A tiny little bloom from Marie Pavie. I thought I gave Mrs Cant too many chances but not like I have for Marie. This rose used to be in front of Sombreuil and after her beautiful spring flush it was all down hill from there the rest of the year. Black spot magnet! The scent is strong but I have to hold her blooms up to my nose which I do not have to do with Alister Stella Gray or The Charlestonian. I have kept this rose for 5 years now this spring. Last summer I dug her up and moved her to my large rose bed to see if that would make her happy but I didn't care of she lived or died. She actually seemed to improve so we will see this year how she does and this will be her last chance...shape up or ship out!

Bruce Plum blossoms
Not a rose but pretty just the same. Love the blossoms from fruit trees don't you? So delicate looking so dainty. This is one of the fruit trees I planted last spring.

Happy gardening! ~Meghan


  1. My roses have just a bloom here and there, too, but not a flush yet, just like yours. Your Marie Pavie is so pretty - sorry to hear she may be on the way out the door! They all look so pretty. I know your garden is just on the brink of spectacular!

  2. Hi Meghan, I just found your blog! Looks like we share the love of rose, especially Old Garden Roses. I garden in Southern California and grow some of the roses that you featured in this post. Belinda's Dream is a wonderful rose for me, too, healthy and big fragrant blooms. Marie Pavie is completely clean in my garden, but I have another complain. Her flower petals fry too easily when it is getting hot and that is not a pretty sight. Looking forward to see more photos of your roses in the future.