Monday, March 26, 2012

The Purple Plant Invasion!

While taking a stroll around the garden this morning I noticed that one color dominates my garden more than any other color. Purple.

I didn't plan this to happen but it has. I have a purple clematis (sorry I lost the tag on this one and don't remember what it is).

I have lots and lots of Nepta! This is 'Walkers Low' variety. Some may call this blue but to me definitely a purple shade.

 And there is Verbena Borariensis also known as "Verbena on a Stick". This is a favorite of mine. I plan to do a post on this soon.

Purple again in the form of Mealy Cup Sage which for some is grown as an annual but here in my zone 8 is grown as a perennial.

Chives anyone? I have lots of these too!

I can't forget about the purples of the Larkspur in spring.

This is a young yarrow called 'Fiesta'. I have a better picture somewhere. This plant as anyone who grows yarrow could tells you spreads quickly! I have a dense population of this and just moved some around the garden last year. Very easy to pull out so not a problem. This variety has both purple and white on the same flowers.

Of course I have purple irises as well. Tired yet of all the purple? There's more!

Foxgloves from last year. These are pinkie purple but still lands in the purple category to me.

Ok this one you could call purple or blue or a shade of both. Still again goes into the purple category in my book.

Here we have 'Homestead' Purple Verbena

Last but not least, purple cone flowers and in the back 'Endless Summer' hydrangea which is my garden I get purple and blue. Why I have three purple plants in the same picture!

Other purples I don't have pictures of but have in my garden are asters, Russian Sage, Agastache Foeniculum (grown from seed and may not come up but still I planted more purple unknowingly), Thai Basil and now as if I did not already have enough purple what color azaleas did I purchase a few weeks ago?! 

Purple isn't even my favorite color...or is it? Maybe it just so happens that many plants come in shades of purple? I know there are other colors in many of the variety of plants I have but for some reason I seem to go for the purple. Whatever the reason is I have a LOT of purple. The second main color in my garden is white but that's a whole other post! lol Really I have 3 main colors in my garden purple, pink, and white. I like pastels and cool colors in my garden.  

So let me ask you do you have a dominate color in your garden and did you plan it that way on purpose or did it just happen like me?
  *oh ya...I also purchased a couple days ago 3 butterfly blue (which looks purple to me not blue) scabiosa...go figure!*


  1. I don't think I've seen purple azaleas. But I love purple. It's always been one of my favorite colors. And I think it goes so well with so many colors. A purple, pink and white garden sounds beautiful and soothing. I have a lot of oranges in my garden. Just because I've always though peach was a beautiful color. But I have a lot of other colors in my garden, too. Never been too good at sticking to a plan!

  2. I think you have to face it, you really do like purple! Your clematis looks like early stage Clematis Multi-Blue. If that center part puffs up and starts almost looking like a double flower mid life, that would be my guess.

  3. Ok so I went to Lowes this evening (actually I was in town to buy dog food but seeing as how Lowes is right across the street and gas prices are so high and not wanting to waste either a trip or gas....) and looked around and discovered 2 things 1.) There are more purple plants than any other color and 2.) I love all the purple plants and are drawn to them more than the others. And you know what? Though I didn't plan my garden to be mainly purple and white I love the colors and it does have a soothing relaxing feel to it. I love when accidents turn out so nice! :)

    1. Oh and in case you were wondering, yes I bought more plants! lol 3 double red knockouts, and some purple and white petunias and a pink geranium. The red knockouts look much more like a deep pink and not a true red so they are ok in my pastel and cool colored garden. They will go against my privacy fence in the back/side yard. I hope I will like them there. I may not plant them yet and see how I like them first. The other plants in containers for the patio.