Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My 14th Wedding Anniversary present....

So my 14th Wedding Anniversary is today and what do I ask for of all things? 2 plum trees! I have always wanted to add fruit trees to my garden. I always thought it would be nice to grow some of my own fruit, after all the early cottage gardens would have had them as well. Problem is I just don't have a whole lot of room and I didn't want large trees shading my roses.

 So on a trip to Wards (a local nursery) I found a selection of fruit trees but problem was they were all 20-25ft high and wide. Then I found the only two trees they had at the perfect height...Bruce Plum..sold! They grow to a height and width of 10ft and it says they produce abundantly...perfect! Plus I love plums...that would need to be kinda important as what good would plums be if I didn't even like them. I had thought about getting some dwarf fruit trees but I was really looking for a little more height and these seemed just right. How about you? Do you have any fruit trees? If so I love to hear about them or if you have plans to add some to your garden.

Now I have the spots picked out which means I have a another  large bed to prepare around the trees. I plan doing that with another lasagna bed and plant the trees a little above ground level to accommodate the raised ground then add other plants around that. Now this does take some time but it much easier on my back then trying to dig and amend the compacted clay soil (along with small rocks left over from construction). I will show you (at least I will try) how to build a lasagna bed if you have never tried one before. I did one 2 winters ago and the roses and plants I planted in that one bed just really took off compared to the bed along the driveway or back fence that I tilled and broke my back over amending and amending and amending. The plants do fine but the results were never what they were in the lasagna bed! Not too mention the incredible aching back I received as a result! lol 
These are already producing plums too so I don't have to wait 3 years!

Here is where they are going...right on the inside of the fence.
Yes, there is a shrub missing. It's been like that for a year. Meant to get around to digging the hole for it this year but so far that hasn't happened and I am not sure if I will get to it before summer. Anyway, it's along that fence line that the tress will be going as well as a new bed going the entire length of the fence. Another reason for this spot is because the sun rises from back there so once the sun goes over the trees the shade will be behind the trees and not in front. Eventually Lord willing I would like to turn that entire side yard into a garden with curved paths between the beds and lots of roses and roses don't like shade. Those are my plans anyway but who knows, my Savior might return by the time I ever get around to filling in the entire yard!

So I want to publicly say I am so very blessed to have been married these 14 years to my husband. With Jesus Christ as the center of our marriage and us striving to put Him first every year only gets better! Amen!


  1. Wow! You are blessed - great roses and a great hubby! I am having the same dilema on the fruit tree issue. I want fruit and shade but roses do like their sun. I am thinking of adding some fruit trees in a couple of weeks. Would love to hear about your lasagna garden bed. Have a great day!

  2. Congrats on the 14 years and here's praying for many more! Great place for your plum trees. I'm allergic to plums so our tree came down. We have grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, navel orange, apples, peach, pear, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry....I'm sure I left one or two out

  3. Kelsey- Thank you I certainly feel blessed. I would love to know which fruit trees you decide to go with. I would love to try to espalier a couple dwarf varieties along the fence but in front maybe or along my back privacy fence perhaps.

    Darla- Thank you too and I too pray for many more! Wow you certainly do have a lots of fruit trees! I would love to hear how they do for you and how you fertilize them and whatnot. I have a blackberry bush but need to move it as it is in waaay to much shade and I would love to add a couple more. I have strawberries this year but they are producing very small fruit. I just can't seem to grow them as every year I try and every year I fail! What's the secret??

  4. Happy Anniversary! I think your choice of gift is perfect.

  5. Congratulations on 14 years with the man you love. Praying there'll be many more. Enjoy your plum trees for a long time, too!

  6. How fun! Fruit from your own backyard. I have a small apple tree, that I've made sauce out of once. Really fun to reap something you've "babied". BTW, those are beautiful pics of your day in Charleston. I'm so envious (I know it's a sin) of people with flowers already in bloom. In central Ontario we still have rain/snow falling, ugh. Blessings too on your 14th anni.

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