Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I've been up to lately!

Haven't posted in awhile. I have had family visiting from Massachusetts this past week and they have kept us busy. We went kayaking through a creek in Francis Marion National Forest..
My kids all set and ready to go!

My daughters first time kayaking on her own.

It was a 3 hour ..well more like 2 1/2 hour kayak trip. She got tired (we all did) but she did great though, very proud of her! My son was with my aunt in a tandem kayak but he did plenty of paddling himself.
Meet my husband, Jeremy. Pretty good looking guy if I do say so myself!
Sorry no pictures of me..well there is but I'm not posting them on here. ;o)  Ok moving on along we saw owls,  alligator, Swallow Tail Kite, and other birds of whom I don't know there name. It was a beautiful afternoon and we had a great time! I really want to buy our own kayaks!!

alligator sunning himself

owl in the middle of the tree

another owl perched in a tree

The very next day we headed out to Brevard, NC in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains for a day of zip lining. We went from 83 the day before to a feels like 36! This was at Earthshine Mountain Lodge. I highly recommend it if you live near! This was about 4 hours away and was an all day event but well worth it...we had a blast...

The trees here are just  leafing out
This was my husband going across the last zip line across a pond
and my father
 He has a camera on his helmet and it made for some great videos which is mostly what I have. The video below was not from that camera but from my mothers as she was not the adventurous  type...
Oh this goat was so cute, he was following us like a dog...
Now tell me that doesn't look like fun! That video shows one of the zip lines that was 400 ft long!!
It was a very looong but very fun day and we all can't wait to do it again!

So after kayaking and zip lining we took them to Charleston just 20-30 min away (yes, this was the day after the zip lining) and spent the day walking around parts of my favorite historic city. It was such a lovely day!
Starting with Fort Sumter, the start of the Civil War
Now let's take a carriage tour through some of the what you'll see around Charleston

Unknown rose not yet blooming

A courtyard

Another little courtyard
One of many old grave yards
USS Yorktown
Well that was a little glimpse of Charleston, our kayak trip and zip lining. I am exhausted I tell ya but I am ready to do it all over again....after a weeks rest at least anyway!

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  1. Thanks for the vacation!! I really enjoyed the pictures!