Monday, April 11, 2011

Sombreuil 1850

This a beautiful large flowering climbing rose with a strong delicious tea scent. 
Its flowers are large and flat when fully opened and creamy white. She is also a very thorny rose. 
Sombreuil draws me to her when in bloom for her blooms are breathtaking and her scent divine. 
I have her trained and fanned across wires along my privacy fence. She is 3 or 4 years old but growing beautifully. She does tend to get a fair amount of black spot on and off but nothing too drastic and she makes up for it with the fact she is always in bloom throughout the growing season.

Train this rose while she is young as her canes get stiff with age. She tends to throw out long canes that are easy to work with just watch out for those thorns. This rose would make a great pillar rose as long as you start wrapping young or as I have her fanned out along a fence or over an arbor. Give her plenty of room, and plant her somewhere near so you can enjoy her gorgeous blooms and delicious scent!

I tried to take a full shot of her but white I have found is very hard to capture with a camera (at least mine anyway). It just does nothing for her so I chose close ups instead. I highly recommend this rose!


  1. She is very pretty. I had to grin when you said her canes get stiff with limbs feel like that this morning.

  2. Darla too funny! I too feel that way...I come in from working outside and sit down for a minute and then have a hard time getting back up...can't move!

  3. She is beautiful. I'd love to be able to take in her scent.