Friday, March 25, 2011

Chickens have taken over my herb bed...

Don't you just love it! I love chickens! This is one of my two herb/tomato beds that I haven't gotten around to planting yet. I just don't have the heart to at the moment because everytime I let them out this is where they all go to and glory in the nice cool soft dirt. Sometimes like in this video they are all in there at the same time and right up close to one another even though there is plenty more space. I took some pictures and a video so you can hear them as they take there bath (there is a sprinkler going in the background,sorry). I have read many times where first time chicken owners would panic when they saw a chicken do this because they thought it was dying. It does look strange if you don't know what they are doing. So here they are my girls..enjoy!
How they don't get dirt in their eyes beats me!

They close there eyes and roll their necks and heads in the dirt.

And there you are chickens all bathing together! Well all except Emma who in every picture is standing there watching them but I guess didn't feel the need to bathe. Maybe she took one before bed! lol She just scratched about.


  1. I have been warned to keep them far away from gardens... and now I see why :-)

  2. I was a little freaked out the first time I saw mine rolling around. They sure do enjoy a good dirt spa.

  3. Yes, Wendy they are so adorable! Thanks!

    Karen, I roped off the raised beds last year and that worked pretty good. OF course that wouldn't work probably for a large garden.

    Autumn, they sure do make dirt look divine!