Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eggtra Special Eggs

These beautiful eggs are what you could be enjoying everyday! Large pretty colorful eggs!
 These are upside down (wish I turned them right side up for the picture) because I have read they last longer that way...who knows. Now isn't that so much better looking than boring little ol white eggs? Which by the way cause I get asked this question many times...brown, green, blue, pink, or makes no difference at all on the taste or quality of the eggs. Egg color is determinded by breed and that is all. I wish I also had a picture to show you the difference both in the size of the eggs but also in how much richer the yolk looks verses pale yellow and how nice the whites stand up verses the runny whites of a store bought egg. I still say hands down that backyard eggs are far better then any store bought eggs you can buy. Yes, even the so called "cage free" birds. Cage free simply means they aren't kept in small cages but are allowed to roam a chicken house though they are still pretty packed together. They are kept indoors unless otherwise stated on the carton. Don't be fooled by terms they give...if you really want to know eggsactly what you are buying, do a little research. There are so many types these days and if you buy grocery store eggs (which hey, there is nothing in the world wrong with buying reg. store bought eggs) and want a better tasting egg then there are some you can buy at the store that do taste and look better then regular eggs. I had fresh backyard eggs for 3 years from my 3 original hens and all of the sudden 1 died and shortly after the other two hens stopped laying (that's another story). No more eggs till my chicks were old enough to start laying. Well after you have gotten used to eating eggs as I have I just could not get used to eating the regular white eggs you buy at the grocery store. I'm telling you they are that much better!   So I bought the more eggspensive eggs can't remember which ones I ended up going with but they were ok till I could get fresh eggs from my backyard again. You can also probably find fresh farm eggs at your local farmers market too...I have seen a guy selling them at mine, though you will pay a little more for them. What is so nice too about getting eggs right from your backyard is you know what your chickens are eating for the most part...though sometimes that can gross you out...ok moving on...hens just lay better eggs when they are happy and free to do what chickens love to do. Do a test, get yourself a farm fresh/backyard egg and then a regular store bought egg. In two seperate bowls crack each egg and you will see eggsactly what I am talking about!


  1. Our coop came!!! See todays post, tell me what you think! ... your eggs look beautiful. I am sooo looking forward to our own fresh eggs.

  2. Meghan, I get my eggs from a girl I work with who has her own chickens. Blue ones, too. You're right. They're delicious.