Monday, March 21, 2011

First rose blooms...more to come

 The roses are really budding out now about to put on a beautiful show! The first roses to produce a bloom or two is Dutcher (upper left) and Duchess de Brabant (bottom left). This is just a sneak peek...

A few others that have a few blooms are The Charlestonian which is best photographed as a bush shot as the flowers are small and in clusters. Buff Beauty has a bloom half open, as does Mrs Dudley Cross.

 The grass actually had to be cut today! The front garden is done and will post a picture of before and after! Oh how I love spring!


  1. You're about a month behind my garden. DdB was early here, too, but not the first. That prize always goes to Hermosa. Lookin' good, Meghan.

  2. Archduke Charles is always my first rose to bloom, followed by Ducher. The Chinas nearly all start early.