Saturday, March 26, 2011

Results of the finished foundation garden

I have completed the front left foundation bed. If you haven't read the previous post on the work of my foundation bed then click here . I am very happy with the results and so glad to get it finished. I can't wait for it to grow up a little. So here once again is the list of plants I chose for this side of house...

tea olive
white azalea

daylily 'Happy Returns'

dianthus (acts as a perennial here)

dwarf gardenia
Here it is all put together...

The dianthus will fill out nicely soon enough.

I just love that little fountain!

I love the fact I have all different plants on both sides giving me something new all season with color, fragrance, and bloom time. As soon as the knockout roses on the other side are all blooming I will post a picture of that as well with the new nepta I planted there last summer. It is blooming right now and it so pretty, can't wait to see it with the pink roses and then this summer when the white daisies are blooming as well!

Here was the before...
Those were a salmon colored azalea (builders put those in there) that never grew more than that in 5 years, grass was always getting in there too. It just drove me nuts and I didn't like the color of the azaleas.
This was after I ripped it all out. Then I ammended the soil as I have a lot of clay.*I wanted to post the step by step process and thought I had. Apparently I didn't have the card in my camera. Well there's always a next time.


  1. That's going to be lovely, Meghan. Those azaleas were probably the dwarf type. I have that white azalea, too. Two of them - one bloomed this spring while the one right next to it did not. Its flower buds were brown. I'm thinking maybe it froze, but they're both under a tree canopy. ??? I also love those dianthus; I have them everywhere in my garden. They grow and bloom here year round with no care except a haircut twice a year. Will love seeing your pics.

  2. Sherry thank you! I think the azaleas were stunted. The roots were badly root bound probably because the builders just stuck them in a hole in the heavy clay. I love dianthus too, one of my new favorite flowers! I too have them several places in my garden. They give so much color to the garden and like you said a hair cut once or twice a year and a little fertilizer and that's it and they come back here to every year. I love this zone!

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